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Ethical Production

Although there’s no question that any company would need employees to stay in business, what sets companies apart is the ethics taken towards human resource management. Our production workshop located in Addis Ababa is one of the few Small & Medium Enterprises in the city that pay a fair wage to its employees. There isn’t any standard set for a minimum wage in Ethiopia, but on average, seamsters and artisans in the manufacturing sector get paid below 1,800 ETB/month (35 USD). Our company pays threefolds the average wage to make sure employees make enough to cover their living expenses and help their families sustain themselves.  

As an SME involved in the manufacturing sector, we take pride in the fact that almost 80% of our employees are women. With the unemployment rate escalating, women are most likely to be highly affected when it comes to job security. We take social issues seriously for our workplace to be equitable for anyone.

Sustainable Materials

Since we use genuine leather on all of our products, one might wonder how leather products are sustainable. Well! It has high relevance as you dig deep into the history of the leather industry in Ethiopia, which has over 90 years of longevity. A high portion of rural Ethiopia endures their lives by raising cattle to accommodate the high meat demand in the urban cities and other countries. Leathercraft goes way back in the tradition where the hide is naturally dried & processed to make food containers, warrior clothes, and ornamental accessories. To this day, the leather industry is one of the inclusive and sustainable industries in the livelihoods of suppliers and factory workers. We source our leather from certified tanneries that perform their environmental and social responsibility to the highest standards.   


Collaborations & Inclusivity

BlackRhino deliberately works to involve the young community in Addis Ababa through projects and platforms designed to network, collaborate & feature talented individuals in the creative sector. Our company relies on creative talents to develop most of the collections. That enables the brand to embrace its streetwear theme through different mediums of expression like illustrations, art, design, and style.   

Here are some of our portfolios…

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