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Africa’s very own, BlackRhino Fashion is a streetwear brand working on the design, production & retailing of quality lifestyle products. Based in Addis Ababa and made for seekers, the brand’s edgy, street-inspired look has established itself among its target demographic.

We use “OWN THE QUEST” as a motto to push ourselves beyond boundaries and inspire others to dare new adventures.

While utilizing local resources should be a priority for African brands, we must also make sure that our products embrace the integrity of our roots & culture. It’s how we inspire the youth or anyone using African-made products to appreciate the value of authenticity. “

Leul Tedla

Founder & Creative director

BlackRhino was founded in 2017 by Mr. Leul Tedla, a graduate architect from Addis Ababa University and an art enthusiast. Even though the brand was a part-time side project, it outgrew itself from a home-based into a sustainable company through time. Now BlackRhino has a workshop with an expanding number of full-time employees involved in the marketing and production processes.

The brand is now selling a wide range of leather bags produced in our workshop with some stylish wear outsourced from other companies. Since our area of specialty is in making bags, we’ve been experimenting with combining leather with different types of materials found locally, helping us to set unique styles of urban products. We have a B2C retailing store in Century mall, Addis Ababa, and there are also several local retailers whom we developed a B2B partnership to stock our products in different places.

Meet The Team

Leul Tedla
CEO & creative director

Amani Beata
Chief Marketing Officer

Rediet W/wossen
Chief Operating Officer

Zekarias Sahilu
Production Manager

Haimanot Retta 
Quality Supervisor


We aspire to be one of the influential brands in Africa by creating a fashion-based platform to inspire & empower the local community, especially the youth. 

By building a collaborative working system, we want to expand our reach to the youngsters in the creative sector for them to deliver their talent with design, art, and artisanal skills. 


  • BlackRhino is a socially responsible brand that creates a dynamic set of trends that emerges from its roots to produce and market valuable products to customers.  
  • Involving the community in each of our steps is one of our priorities. By providing job opportunities with a fair living wage, we want to continue supporting the local artisans on which we highly rely to produce our handmade products. 

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